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Fraud Prevention and Investigation

Publicised fraud related incidents have continued to increase in the past years partly due to a slowdown experienced by different economies world-wide. Accordingly organisations need to continuously focus on protecting finances, assets and reputations.

Organisations need to increase their focus on fraud risk and take the initiative to consider, enact and improve measure to detect, deter and prevent fraud.  RSM Malta has the required competences to assist organisations to integrate anti-fraud initiatives into their risk management framework to:

a) Develop a system of internal controls to addresses the entity’s fraud risks;

b) Effectively identify, assess and manage fraud risks from all sources through a structured fraud risk assessment;

c) Support fraud risk management initiatives by establishing an anti-fraud culture and promoting fraud awareness throughout the organisation;

d) Address and respond to any identified instances of fraud.

RSM Malta assists organisations, both in the private and public sector, to adopt an effective, business-driven fraud risk management approach that aims to adequately mitigate the relevant negative effects emanating from fraudulent incidents, both in terms of financial losses and also of negative publicity which impinges on the organisation’s reputation.  RSM Malta’s approach encompasses controls that has three main objectives – Prevention, Detection and Response.

In today’s world it is critical for an organisations to respond appropriately to cases of fraud and corruption.  RSM Malta offers specialised support to its clients to effectively deal with the issues of fraud, corruption, asset recovery, misconduct of the organisations’ officials and breaches of market regulation.  The response approach adopted shall be identified through investigations which our competent unit shall conduct.  Such investigations shall focus on:

a) Identifying the sources of negative effects to the organisations and deal with them instantly;

b) Determine the circumstances through which such incidents ensued and the potential resources and processes involved;

c) Recommend appropriate measures that should be adopted both to deal with the case under review and also to prevent the occurrence of similar future instances.

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