RSM Malta
6 December 2019

European Business Awards 2019

On 3-4 December, RSM member firms from across Europe came together, in Warsaw, for the annual European Business Awards (EBA) finals. The event, sponsored by RSM, gathered 363 businesses from 33 European countries competing in the final of Europe’s...
6 December 2019

Leveraging the multi-generational workforce

If you take a quick look around your office today, you can probably spot as many as four different generations representing your business, collaborating side-by-side, holding client meetings, attending networking events, posting on social media and...
3 December 2019

The importance of psychology in cybercrime

Psychology plays a vital role within cybercrime. The cynical hacker’s success comes from a detailed study of human behaviour through the use of social engineering to understand what will trigger action and take advantage of our curiosity and...


13 November 2019

Rome set to host 2019 RSM World Conference

Building NextGen RSM – the new generation of people, technology, structures, leadership and culture.        
14 October 2019

Malta Budget 2020

2 October 2019

VAT Webinar - 9th October 2019

VAT webinar - October 2019 Join RSM UK for their quarterly VAT webinar aimed at finance directors, finance teams and tax managers who want to know what is happening in the world of VAT, along with the practical steps to address these issues.
26 September 2019

Deadline for 2018 EU VAT refund application

How can we help? The RSM team will provide you with the necessary support and assistance in ensuring that you do not miss out on this opportunity.  For more information get in touch with your RSM contact or at the following contact details. Karen...
26 September 2019

The Patent Box Regime

Why does it matter?
2 September 2019

Seed Investment Tax Credit – One more reason to invest in SMEs

It is clear that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are a significant pillar of the Maltese economy. The renewal of the Seed Investment Scheme (Legal Notice 170 of 2019) granting tax relief to individuals investing in SME start-ups is an indication...
5 August 2019

RSM Malta launches the Malta iGaming Survey

Exercise aims to collect information on the business performance of the market.